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Seleksi Magang Jepang
Seleksi Magang Jepang

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lowongan kerja sma smk Terbaru


Yang sedang mencari pekerjaan Bidang pelayaran berikut info LOWONGAN BUMN PELAYARAN PT PELNI (Persero) TERBARU 
Lowongan Kerja PT PELNI (Persero) ~ The company was incorporated in 1950 under the name of Yayasan Penguasaan Pusat Kapal-kapal (PEPUSKA/Foundation of Main Authority for Ships) by legally from Surat Keputusan Bersama (SKB/Joining Letter) by the Minister of Transportation and Minister of Public Development.

During the years before 1950s, The Netherlands Government refused Indonesia's concept to convert their Ships Company by the name of N.V. K.P.M (Koninklijke Paketvaart Matschappij) into a private company. The concept also mentioned that all operational ships must using Indonesia National Flag. This idea was totally rejected by The Netherlands Government.

Onwards, the rejection does not decrease the spirit for Indonesia. In spite of, consist with 8 ships with total 4800 DWT (death weight ton), PEPUSKA story was such a success that the business was continuing and expanded. PEPUSKA ships sails together with N.V. K.P.M ships that already had experienced more than half century. That was some unfair business. N.V. K.P.M had more ships than PEPUSKA does, and also N.V. K.P.M already monopoly some business contract in shipment.

Finally, On April 28th 1952, in addition to its operation, management recognized growing opportunities in the shipment business. On that date, PEPUSKA being dismissed and Indonesia opened its first state shipment private company called PT. PELNI based on three legal letters Surat Keputusan Menteri Perhubungan (Minister of Transportation) No. M.2/1/2 dated February 28th 1952, No. A.2/1/2 dated April 19th 1952, and Berita Negara Republik Indonesia No. 50 dated June 20th 1952. PT PELNI appointed its first President Director is Mr. R. Ma'moen Soemadipraja (1952-1955)

The Company (PT. PELNI) found it difficult to compete with only 8 boats from PEPUSKA as a beginning. So, Export Import Indonesia Bank lending funds for PELNI to bought 45 coasters from Western Europe. As the company wait for those coasters arrival, PELNI rented some overseas flag ships. This procedure was taken to fulfill empty route inherit from KPM. After that one by one the rented ships was replaced by the coasters and some of them also fulfilled by the Japanese boats taken from war action.

To provide the capital to further its growth, PT. PELNI changed their status from public into Government Company in 1961 based on Lembaran Negara RI No. LN 1961. In 1975, the Company changed its status again into a Private Company based on Akte Pendirian No. 31 dated October 30th, 1975. This history is written on Berita Negara RI No. 562-1976 and addendum No. 60 dated June 27th, 1976.

As time goes by and competition, in the late 1975 the company changed their status based on Akta Pendirian No. 31 dated October 30th, 1975 and Akte Perubahan No. 22 dated March 4th, 1998. This changing is published on Berita Negara Republik Indonesia dated April 16th, 1999 and addendum No. 2203. 

Special Requirements
Deck Officer

  • Certificate of Proficiency ANT-III (Ahli Nautika III)
  • Close-up photos size 3X4 (2 pcs) & 4X6 (2 pcs) blue background
Engineering Officer
  • Certificate of Proficiency ATT-III/ATT-IV (Ahli Teknika III / IV)
  • Close-up photos size 3X4 (2 pcs) & 4X6 (2 pcs) red background
General Requirments
  • Male
  • Maximum 29 years old (per December 2012)
  • Complete Certificate of Competencies
  • Having a Copy of Family Card and Identity Card
  • Having a valid Certificate of Good Behavior from Police
  • Having a Drug-free Certificate from doctor/ government’s hospital
  • Having a Certificate of Regulated Health from doctor/ government’s hospital
Other Provisions:
  • The selection process consists of written test, medical tests, and the interview
  • Applicants who pass the selection will be appointed as a permanent employee after passing probation.
  • Lowongan Kerja Untuk SMA/SMK, D3, Maupun S1 Gaji 15-25 Juta/Bulan, pendaftaran dapat dilakukan secara Online dengan mengakses tautan dibawah »
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Application files delivered directly to:
JL. Gajah Mada No. 14 Jakarta Pusat
More details calls :
Email: pelni­
Telp   : 021-6300650  / 085219040405 

demikian info LOWONGAN BUMN PELAYARAN PT PELNI (Persero) TERBARU  semoga bisa membantu

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